Big Concert Gallery Update

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As promised I updated the gallery with over 300 HQ images from various concert from this years tour. Enjoy!

Wahlburgers Coney Island Preview Party

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First off, I wanna apologize for the lack of updates. I had work, then I was sick and then I was on vacation and then work again. My time is somewhat limited right now. So sorry about not updating.

I finally did something and added over 200 HQ images from the Wahlburgers Coney Island Preview Party. Check them out. They are amazing!

I will also add the missing concert pics tomorrow or on Sunday.

Donnie Wahlberg to Join ATX Television Festival Via Skype From NKOTB Tour!

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ATX Television Festival’s fourth season is getting more of “the right stuff” with the addition of Donnie Wahlberg.

The 45-year-old actor and singer is taking a brief break from his New Kids on the Block tour to make an appearance via Skype to the Boomtown panel on Saturday, June 6 in Austin, TX, ETonline can exclusively reveal.

Wahlberg, who played Detective Joel Stevens, will be joining fellow co-stars Fred Golan, Mykelti Williamson and series executive producers Graham Yost and Jon Avnet for a mini Boomtown reunion. The NBC procedural drama, which ran for 24 episodes from 2002 to 2003, received critical praise for its innovative point-of-view shifting style, and has since gained a cult-like fan following.

Boomtown is one of our ‘Cancelled Too Soon’ shows — I think it had a season and a half — and we’ve been trying really hard to pull the cast together from all different places,” ATX co-founder Caitlin McFarland explained to ETonline. “So in addition to having the cast there and Graham Yost and Jon Avnet, we found out this week that we’re also going to live-chat Skype with Donnie Wahlberg from on tour with New Kids on the Block.”

“He’s apparently ‘heartbroken’ that he can’t be there,” McFarland continued. “It was a special show for him and he really wanted to be there for Graham and Jon, so he will be joining electronically to the Q&A portion of that screening.”

In addition to reuniting with the stars of Boomtown, ATX fans will have the opportunity to attend panels with some of TV’s most beloved past, present and future TV shows including Gilmore Girls, Dream On, Orphan Black, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Queer as Folk.

“We know that people come for the one or two things that they’re excited about,” ATX co-founder Emily Gipson dished of the season four line-up. “But the people who have the best experience with this festival are the people who have gone to those things, but also wandered into other rooms. [When] they’re open to discovering something new, that’s where the magic happens.”

“We are a very unique and different festival. So much about what makes this so special is meeting other fans, and finding sort of ‘your people,'” McFarland explained. “So much of the festival is about the programming, but it’s also about the community who love TV. So talk to the people in line and share stories and talk about what you’re checking out because you might discover a whole new group of friends and new favorites.”

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Source: ET Online

Donnie Wahlberg craves Waffle House after NKOTB concert in Kansas City

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The Sprint Center was packed Tuesday night with music fans re-living the ’90s when New Kids on the Block, TLC and Nelly performed.

After the show, a lucky few got to hang out with NKOTB when the musical “man band” decided they needed some grub.

Alaina Lamphear and Christy Galate were some of the Kansas Citians who saw band member Donnie Wahlberg’s tweet about needing some waffles and ventured to the Northland location in hopes of catching of glimpse of Jenny McCarthy’s new husband.

Lamphear said when they got to the Waffle House, there were tour busses and cars everywhere. When the women got inside, she was amazed that Wahlberg recognized her from the concert.

Lamphear was wearing a Red Sox ball cap and was five rows from the stage and Wahlberg said to her, “Did you see me on stage? I pointed to you and sang to you! Go Sox!”

The women got pictures with Wahlberg and other band member Danny Wood. Lamphear said both were incredibly nice and there was even an impromptu dance party with fans and members in the Waffle House.

“It was really surreal that something like this would happen,” she said.

“It still feels surreal, like it was all a dream and I’m going to wake up any minute,” Galate said.

There were also crews filming for Wahlberg’s reality show Donnie Loves Jenny, so hopefully Kansas City will be making an appearance on that show soon.

Source: KTVQ

New Kids on the Block Talk Tour… and a New Album?

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There’s “a rumbling” within New Kids on the Block about a new album, according to the group’s Joey McIntyre. But when a follow-up to 2013’s 10¬†will rumble in reality is still up in the air.

“That comes up; people ask us in interviews and Donnie [Wahlberg] and Jordan [Knight] will say, ‘Yeah, we’re doing a new album,’ and I go, ‘Really? We are?!'” McIntyre tells Billboard. “It’s a living, breathing thing. You never know where it’s gonna come from. I enjoy making records with these guys. I think we have a certain sound because we’ve been doing it for 30 years — that R&B, blue-eyed soul thing, whatever anybody wants to call it. I know Donnie has a ton of ideas and we can get the musical bug, and Jordan makes his own records and so does Danny [Wood]. New music is part of the puzzle, so maybe it’s not 12 songs. Maybe it’s five songs. Maybe it’s eight songs. Who knows what it’s gonna be, but new music is a good way to inject some energy into what we do.”

McIntyre was an acknowledged driving force behind 10, which was NKOTB’s first set of new material in five years, bringing in songs he wrote with his regular team of collaborators before the group made the majority of the album with the Danish team of Lars Halvor Jensen and Johannes Jorgensen. McIntyre predicted that NKOTB will again look to work with other writers and producers on fresh material. “In this day and age of making records, it’s really an investment in the group and the relationship with the fans,” he explains. “It keeps it fresh for us, and [new] music is good for the fans.” But he does acknowledge that the quintet’s main focus these days is on the stage rather than in the studio.

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