‘2.06 A Cut Above’ Screencaptures

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Here are the screencaptures from the newest episode of ‘Wahlburgers’. I couldn’t stop laughing at Donnie and the seagull. So freakin hilarious.

Canon PIXMA PRO City Senses Boston Gallery

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Donnie and Jenny attended the Canon PIXMA PRO City Senses Boston Gallery last night. Check out 56 HQ images in the gallery.

New trick for Donnie Wahlberg: Photography

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One of the photos shot by Donnie Wahlberg that will be exhibited at Canon’s pop-up gallery at EpiCenter.

We know he sings, dances, and acts. But Donnie Wahlberg also takes pictures? Well, sort of. “I’m not a great photographer,” he conceded when we asked about an event he’s hosting next week with Canon. “But I’ve always loved classic rock n’ roll photography, you know, printed pictures. With social media these days, everything’s digital. But in the era I grew up in, everything was printed.” Wahlberg will show a few of his photos this week at a Canon-sponsored pop-up gallery at Artists For Humanity Epicenter in South Boston. “When I was younger, I was never one to pull out a camera and take pictures because it took me out of the moment,” said the New Kid on the Block. “As I’ve gotten older, I’m still busy, but I don’t have to rush around and go to every nightclub. I can go to a park and reflect.” Between his two TV shows — “Blue Bloods” and “Wahlburgers” – and his new marriage to Jenny McCarthy, Wahlberg is indeed busy. Asked why his brother Mark Wahlberg skipped the wedding, Donnie sighed. “There were actually four Wahlbergs who couldn’t make it, but Mark was the only one who got mentioned,” he said. “Mark and I are great. We’re having a ball with ‘Wahlburgers,’ and not just the show: We have 60 locations [of the restaurant] under agreement. We’re awesome, never been closer. And small footnote: I didn’t make it to Mark’s wedding.”

‘5.01 Partners’ Stills

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The first HQ stills from S5. So excited. I’m ready for the show to come back. I miss my Reagan family.

‘2.05 Meat The Press’ Screencaptures

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I added 81 HD screencaptures from the latest ‘Wahlburgers’ episode to the gallery. Enjoy!

New Kids on the Block Get Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Donnie Wahlberg tweeted some big New Kids on the Block news. The NKOTB guys will be getting their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 9, 2014! A Twitter trend in honor of the event has begun among their fans, the “blockheads.” In case you were wondering what #NKOTBWOF meant …


This isn’t all that NKOTB fans have to look forward to this fall. The reality series Rock This Boat comes out in the coming months and it features our 5 favorite guys on their infamous fan cruise. Screaming fans, shirtless New Kids … What more could anyone ask for?

Source: Heavy

‘Wahlburgers’ Screencaptures

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I guess I was a bit optimistic about adding them on Sunday :lol: I finally added HD screencaptures from the missing episodes of ‘Wahlburgers’.