Saturday Night Spectactular Golf Tournament

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Donnie and Jenny were out and about in Saturday hosting the Saturday Night Spectactular Golf Tournament in Dallas. I added HQ images from the event. Enjoy!

‘5.05 Loose Lips’ Stills

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I updated the gallery with HQ stills from this weeks episode ‘5.05 Loose Lips’. Can’t wait for it. The promo looks awesome plus we get Danny and Jamie outside of the Reagan dinner.

‘5.04 Excessive Force’ Clips

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The HD clips from ‘5.04 Excessive Force’ are up.

‘5.03 Burning Bridges’ Clips

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The HD clips from ‘5.03 Burning Bridges’ are up.

‘Blue Bloods’ On Set

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I added some new set pictures from ‘Blue Bloods’ from Friday. Enjoy!

Expect a lot of “fireworks” on “Blue Bloods”

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Donnie Wahlberg says that when his wife, Jenny McCarthy, interviewed Hillary Clinton on “The View” last year she noted that as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, Hillary turned to her and said, “Oh my gosh! Bill and I watch ‘Blue Bloods’ every Friday night. We never miss it.”

“I was like, ‘Really?’ Wahlberg said with surprise.

It’s that kind of dedicated passion that has kept the CBS drama on for five seasons. The series, which stars Wahlberg as seasoned detective Danny Reagan and Tom Selleck as New York Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, centers around a multi-generational family of cops dedicated to New York City law enforcement.

Wahlberg told CBS News he think the reason the series has connected with viewers is because of the family traditions and connections that serve as a theme on the show.

“I think if you come from a big family, you get it. You can sorta relate and you can connect that way. And if you don’t come from a big family you can live vicariously through the Reagans…We put a lot of work into all those scenes. Tom Selleck is a complete perfectionist and I like to think of myself the same way. We work in completely opposite fashions but we both want the same goal at the end of the day, which is to make the best show we can. We really love the show. We believe in the show, but I think what really makes it special and unique is the dinner scenes…This is just like the old-school traditional family and you know, they still exist. Even if it’s only in TV,” he said laughing.

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PaleyFest NY: Blue Bloods

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Not sure if Donnie will be there. I haven’t seen any pics of him yet but here is the link to the live stream:

PaleyFest NY: Blue Bloods